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Wheatgrass & Sprouting



On the lighter side...
Date: May 2013


Ronnie Skurow shows OceanSolution's ability to enhance sprout growth while revealing how sensitive they can be to violin music. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.



Ben Roath
Date: Jan 2013

"Hello OceanSolution,

I'd like to let you know how I have benefited from using your product, OceanSolution 2-0-3. I've had an interest in drinking wheatgrass juice for its health and healing effects. However, as I purchased wheatgrass from various suppliers, I found the quality was not up to the standards I had expected. I explored this a little further to find that soil health was essential for the successful development of a plant's nutritional potential; be it fruit or vegetable. Apparently man commercial growers are not fully aware of just how this process works. Merely fertilizing a plant does not provide the full spectrum of minerals needed to produce a truly nutrient dense plant.  The key seems to be in mineralizing the soil. While there are mineral products available that help this process, I came to learn that nature offers the best solution. The answer lies in deep ocean water where a full array of trace minerals can be mined.

Since I have been growing wheatgrass with OceanSolution 2-0-3, I have had great success in producing a nutritionally dense product. The juice is of the quality I had hoped to achieve. When I drink my "OceanGrown" juice, I immediately feel the effects. I have more energy and clarity. I'm also seeing a remarkable improvement in my overall health. Any ailments that had been bothering me seem to dissipate and are no longer of any concern. This has been a miracle and a blessing.

There is another benefit I found in using OceanSolution 2-0-3 for growing wheatgrass. There are two problems that often plague wheatgrass production - bugs and fungus. Wheatgrass growers offer a number of remedies for this, but they can be time consuming, tedious and not always successful. Since I have been growing wheatgrass with this product, I have had NO bugs or fungus! This is an amazing achievement and yet so easy. All I do is add 5% if OceanSolution to my source water. The results are a nutritionally dense plant free of any pests. What could be simpler?

Thank You, Ben Roath


From: Annette Larkins

    OceanSolution wins my vote as the best plant nutrient provider yet! It gets the job done with minimum effort - requiring one part solution to 100 parts water; so a little goes a long way, making it cost effective. It is organic in nature, so there are no harmful chemical effects. It is clear and odorless; there is no fishy smell, which I have experienced with other sea nutrients. It contains nature's 92 elements, allowing plants to choose the ones they need.
    I use OceanSolution to grow plants with and without soil. I am secure in the knowledge that my plants grow in a healthy, balanced environment, conductive to minimizing the possibility of bug attacks. Healthy plants stand a better chance of surviving infestation from disease and insect invasion. A good analogy is that of healthy human body cells; cancer and other diseases are not likely to thrive under homeostatic conditions. Well, bugs are not apt to ravage a healthy garden.
    My garden includes a beautiful variety of greens, herbs, mints, peppers, tomatoes, and peas. What a wonderful feeling it is to pick and eat food fro my back yard, and how reassuring it is to consume such delicious bounty without fear of ingesting dangerous pesticides.
Although I grow the aforementioned plants with soil, I prefer to grow wheatgrass hydroponically. For years I had a love/hate relationship with wheatgrass juice. I knew it's beneficial value; I even wrote about it in my first booklet "Journey to Health". Nevertheless, when drinking it I abhorred the nauseating, heaving sensation that lingered, especially when burping. As a result, I seldom drank it.
    On the other hand, in addition to enhancing the flavor of the juice, OceanSolution also eliminates the repulsive after taste. OceanSolution has shown me that all wheatgrass juice is not equal. I now enjoy at least an ounce a day.
     Also, I am confident that the quality of crops from the new fruit trees that I have planted will be just as impressive since they, too, are drinking in nourishment from OceanSolution. 

Annette Larkins
Author of the booklets "Journey To Health" and "Journey To Health 2" , and the 12-part television series "Health Alternatives with Living Foods"


From: John Ivan (Chicago, IL)
Date: March 2009

    "I grow barley to cultivate the grass at about 10 days. I was using OceanSolution on some of my tomato and lettuce plants as well as my commercial barley trays. The growth was fantastic and the fruiting was abundant and early. This I expected but what really interested me was that I had thrown a handful of barley seeds into a ten inch pot and let it grow long after I would have harvested in a tray. My intention was to see if it would grow to seed as I have had very little luck in getting cereal grasses such as wheat and barley to seed in a ten inch pot.     You can guess that it did and quite quickly. I harvested the seed this winter and will grow a second generation this spring on OceanSolution. In examining the seed, it was darker and irregular compared to the uniform size and shape and light tan color of the planted seed. It looked more like Kamut but not as big. My hypothesis is that in a couple generations of perfect nutrition from OceanSolution, this barley will return to its genetic best. My goal through OceanSolution is to create a seed stock that is at its genetic best to absorb all the nutrients and therefore be able to deliver them through the juice of the barleygrass." 


From: William Kruidenier (Charlotte, NC)

    I have followed a vegan diet, and been a daily consumer of fresh vegetable/fruit juices for the last several years but I had not been consuming wheatgrass juice. After growing, juicing, and consuming my own wheatgrass the last three weeks (4-8 oz. of juice daily), I have noticed a significant difference in three areas: weight control, appetite suppression, and energy. First, at age 55, even with eating right and exercising, I have noticed a tendency for my weight to creep up past my ideal of 170 lbs. But since drinking wheatgrass juice daily, my weight has stabilized at 170. Second, I don't eat as much, and have noticed an absence of cravings. 
    The wheatgrass juice seems to satisfy my nutritional demands. Third, I have noticed a welcome change in my energy level. I don't get drowsy during the day and seem to need a bit less sleep. When growing my wheatgrass for juicing, I have watered it with OceanSolution™, and can only theorize that the additional minerals in the OceanSolution are 'empowering' the wheatgrass. I plan to make wheatgrass juice (grown with OceanSolution) a regular part of my nutrition regimen.


From: Virginia Brown (McMinnville, OR)
Date: April 2009

    "I have been drinking wheat grass juice for about 20 years. I have struggled all these years with the horrible taste of the wheatgrass. I have recycled the dirt, using worms, hoping the great dirt would help the flavor, it didn’t. I tried masking the flavor with every juice I can think of but, no matter what I did, the flavor was incredibly green and strong. It gave me shivers just thinking about it.
    Last month, I found something that has totally changed my world. I always heard you could tell where a product was grown by the taste. The more minerals in the ground, the better the food taste. This included meat that fed on the grass and fruit and vegetables grown on the land. BOY IS THIS THE TRUTH!!!! The product I have found is called OceanSolution. The very first planting of my wheatgrass was amazing. More of the seeds sprouted. The grass even felt different when I cut it. The juice doesn’t smell and while it doesn’t taste like my favorite chocolate sweet, the taste is totally different . It doesn't have the strong green flavor and doesn't smell. I want to share this with you because I know drinking wheatgrass juice is a commitment and here-to fore, has been a challenge. OceanSolution has turned this challenge on its head." 


From:Paula Hall
Date: May 2009

    "I've been growing wheatgrass for several years AND have just begun using OceanSolution. The difference is wonderful. Linus Pauling stated that all of our health problems can be traced to a mineral deficiency. Putting the minerals back into the soil with OceanSolution creates a powerful solution to today's agriculture needs.


From: Roger Davis
Date: February 2009

    "...Another of our businesses has grown from our growing and juicing wheat grass for our personal consumption. As part of our mission to teach about health, we were exhibiting and juicing our wheat grass at a green festival where we were introduced to OceanSolution by an associate who had the books Fertility from the Ocean Deep by Charles Walters and Sea Energy Agriculture by Maynard Murray.
    After reading these two books and doing further research on the internet I came to believe that I could produce a more nutrient dense juice by soaking and watering my wheat grass seed with the OceanSolution. I now use the product every time I water or soak seed. I have seen a marked difference in the color an
d taste of my juice. My customers have also noticed a difference and appreciate my efforts to make my wheat grass the best they can buy.
    By using OceanSolution every time I water or soak, I am able to offer my customers something they are not getting from their other suppliers; the assurance that my wheat grass does have all the minerals that it is able to absorb from the soil!!
OceanSolution is an important part of our philosophy of providing only the best products we can find!
Thank you!!" 

Roger L. Davis
Independent Vemma Member
Discover the Goodness of the Mangosteen! 


From: Colin Buchanan (Temecula, CA)
Date: April 2009

    "My experience with ocean water has been full of results. I realize the power that ocean water has on all life forms. OceanSolution is the best way to utilize this intelligence. My wheatgrass is very sweet and powerful since using OceanSolution. I also have less problems with mold and faster, steady growth. I can tell the difference in the grass... I use filtered water and mix it 1 oz. to the gallon. It seems to give the same results if i use a little less concentration as well." 


From: Victor Hamilton (Sylva, NC)
Date: March 2009

    "I have used OceanSolution for several years on wheatgrass and sprouts. The grass is simply greener and more lush, and the sprouts are more flavorful and colorful. Soaking the seeds in OceanSolution seems to enhance their viability and speed germination, especially using ionized alkaline water in the soaking stage. (I use ionized acidic water in the growing stage). I prefer OceanSolution to liquid kelp and the like, because it is 'cleaner' and does not promote bacterial or fungal growth."