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OceanSolution Testing Update - June 2013
Received a call from a farmer who is testing OceanSolution on cabbage. The Farmer said, "you need to get out here and see these cabbages before someone takes them all thinking they are basketballs."

OceanSolution Test Basketball Sized Cabbage



From: A. Newhouse (California)
Dear OceanGrown Team,
    We did a 1/2 acre garden for the first time this year and our Sweet Keeper squash averaged 12 to 23 lbs. in size with excellent taste and color. Typically these are 8 to 10 lbs. in size.
    We are also trying it in our Hydroponics system and so far it seems the salad greens are greener, tastier and hardier than in commercial hydroponics solution. We did have to add KNO3 it seems as we are using Fl seeds. It was a mix up as the source was thought to be a heritage store.
Thank You!
A. Newhouse 

From: Steve Isler
Date: May 2009

"I picked out green beans of my garden this morning. You are looking at about 2-1/2 lbs. They were planted from seed 60 days ago. I have a couple of rows in my back yard, pretty much beach sand. I have been told that beans like new soil, they must. These are sprayed every two weeks with OceanGrown's OceanSolution fertilizer replacement. They really taste great."



From: John Ivan (Chicago, IL)
Date: March 2009

"I grow barley to cultivate the grass at about 10 days. I was using OceanSolution on some of my tomato and lettuce plants as well as my commercial barley trays. The growth was fantastic and the fruiting was abundant and early. This I expected but what really interested me was that I had thrown a handful of barley seeds into a ten inch pot and let it grow long after I would have harvested in a tray. My intention was to see if it would grow to seed as I have had very little luck in getting cereal grasses such as wheat and barley to seed in a ten inch pot. You can guess that it did and quite quickly. I harvested the seed this winter and will grow a second generation this spring on OceanSolution. In examining the seed, it was darker and irregular compared to the uniform size and shape and light tan color of the planted seed. It looked more like Kamut, but not as big. My hypothesis is that in a couple generations of perfect nutrition from OceanSolution, this barley will return to its genetic best. My goal through OceanSolution is to create a seed stock that is at its genetic best to absorb all the nutrients and therefore be able to deliver them through the juice of the barleygrass."



From: Tammy Soik (Hillman, MI)
Date: February 2009

"The over use of land without mineral replacement has been a personal pet peeve of mine. As a nurse, I know the importance of lack of nutrients in the body. Owning land, I know the importance of getting nutrients into soil. Several years ago I borrowed a book from my chiropractor's library. It was Dr. Murray's story. I researched the subject more and decided to try OceanSolution on my produce garden. I had excellent results. Abundant crops grew. I had a decrease in weeds, spoilage, and nasty bugs. I had increased crops. I sold and gave away all I could and still had more. Vegetables kept longer without spoilage. I rotated my garden to a different plot and started over. My husband put in a hay field utilizing the garden site and adjoining land. The difference in nutrition became obvious as the hay began to grow. The land with several years of proper nutrients had fewer weeds. We continue to use OceanSolution. I mix it with my potting soil and also apply it to my garden. It is applied to our hay fields to provide nutrition needed for animals and ultimately people."



From: Dean Steeves
Before the spring: The property is located in Rancho Santa Fe, California (San Diego Area). The botanical garden (lawn, palms, trees, potted plants, citrus trees, flowers) is an ongoing project and a continuous enhancement to the property. The organic garden, which consists of five raised beds (6' x 12'), was started in 2003 and is really the reason why I am writing this testimonial. Let me first tell you a little about our raised beds: The soil: Organic formula topped by 2 inches of worm casting and organic compost. The irrigation system: 8 sprinklers per bed with independent valves connected through food grade PVC pipes to a DOsatron injection box, which dispenses a liquid organic nutrient called Biolink 333. The seeds: Organic seeds, mostly heirloom, from Seeds of Change. It seemed like all the perfect ingredients for a successful garden. It was a good harvest with some crops better than others in spite of the pests that we controlled, as you may have guessed, without chemical pesticide or any other kind of poisons. Spring 2006, and after: It is not until we discovered OceanSolution Formula that we realized what real potential this gardening adventure had. We hooked the concentrated solution to our Dosatron system (at a 100 to one ratio) and started watering the beds this spring and noticed some incredible changes right away such as: After turning the soil in each bed (post-harvest), I could not find a single cut worm, where before the beds were full of them. The quality of the soil itself improved - the color was deeper, richer and looked healthier. The best news was - practically no bugs! Using OceanSolution resulted in healthier veggies, growing to their full potential and tasting even better. Fruit trees (citrus) - Seem to have twice the amount of fruits - again No Bugs! Flowers - Roses, Hydrangeas and Impatients increased in growth --- with the hydrangeas blooms tripling this year. And, after cutting, by placing the cut flowers in holding vases containing the same ratio of clean water to OceanSolution as was used to feed them while they were growing (100 parts clean water to 1 part OceanSolution), they stayed fresh-looking up to twice as long as the same variety cut flowers that had been grown without OceanSolution. The 'holding vase mix' was changed once every other day. Potted Plants - Fuller and greener. Palm Trees - after watering a practically dead palm tree for 3 weeks, I was able to revive it and transplant it successfully. We are just beginning our fall planting and we will be experimenting with different dilution ratios to see whether certain crops prefer more or less of the OceanSolution. But either way, there is no doubt in our minds that OceanSolution far exceeds any other option that one may have to achieve the best results.



From: A. Filsinger (Canada)
"To OceanGrown Mineral Rich - In 65 years of farming all types - animals, vegetables, fruit, grain, etc. - am fully convinced that complete balance is the ultimate in nutrition for all. As early as 1936, Dr. (Charles) Northern proved it in Orlando, Florida.. Read article 'Modern Miracle Men'; an article by Rex Beach, Senate Document 264. In late part of 2003 became aware of OceanSolution and a way we could apply it to our soil so as to grow better food.. I sprayed it over the orchard soil; also to the foliage in separate areas. This year I am amazed as to definite improvement in color, flavor, and ability to not drop off tree until fully ripe. The leaves were so much better even to freeze-up time. I am definitely going to keep using OceanGrown's (OceanSolution)." Mr. Filsinger (an organic grower), has just celebrated his 50th year in busine