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Rodney R. Schultz - Golf Course Superintendent
Feb 2013

“My name is Rodney Schultz and I'm the Golf Course Superintendent for Meadow Oaks Golf & Country Club in Hudson, Fl.  I've been a Superintendent since 1998 and chose to try OceanSolution 5 years ago when I was looking for a more Eco-friendly product to use on my course.  After some initial trials, I began to regularly use the product on all my greens. ... After regular use of OceanSolution, I had began to notice that I could actually increase the intervals between my treatments.  I also began to experience a more consistent growth with flushing being minimized. ... It's use has assisted me in maintaining a consistent quality of play while reducing my negative environmental impacts.”

See Rodney's full testimonial and pictures.  

Monica Shotwell (Little Rock, AR)
May 2012

“I started growing orchids about 7 years ago with more enthusiasm than knowhow. I used the fertilizers that were available from places like Home Depot, and I had to spray insecticides and antifungals on a regular basis. About 5 years ago I heard about Ocean Solutions and started to use this exclusively, soaking the roots once weekly. I noticed that I reduced the amount of insecticide and antifungals the plants required, and the orchids were blooming more abundantly, on more than one spike. 

I have cats who drink from whatever water source they see, and with OS I am less concerned about toxicity. Also, there is very little residue from the spray so the plants don't have crystallized residue marring it's beauty. I'm so glad to have discovered this product that allows a greenhorn like me to grow orchids like a pro!” 


From: Dennis de Zeeuw – Founder SustainScape Inc. (Boca Raton, FL)
Date: July 24, 2010

Nine months ago, in October 2009, I was introduced to OceanSolution at FNGLA’s Landscape Show in Orlando. I attended the annual show to gain knowledge on sustainability in the landscape industry. The product initially interested me because of its ability to go beyond traditional NPK fertilizers and provide plant nutrients at a scientifically proven percentage. Additionally, OceanSolution created a sustainable cycle extremely important to my business model.
The introduction of OS thoroughly impressed me and I quickly wanted to see the product in action. Several landscapers and horticulturists warned me that not using a granular fertilizer would put me out of business. Nothing was further from the truth. Experimenting on a couple yards in South Florida, I learned how to use and apply OS in several different aspects of the landscape. What started as an experiment turned into an integration of the product into my business and overall services.  After bringing OceanSolution into my company, I was able to expand my maintenance services increasing residual income and value.
My overall experience with OceanSolution has been excellent. We use OS for lawn, ornamental plants, vegetable gardens, new landscape installations, container plants, and a couple palm species.  The only plant we have not much of a result is with an exotic palm species - Phoenix Rubalini. We learned to mix the concentrate at different levels depending on the landscape situation.  As we get more experienced with the mixtures, we produce more and more positive results.  
I have provided the Mineralizer to a couple people in the nursery business.  They spray a 1.3 oz (OS) per gallon (water) mixture weekly on container plants and vegetable plants providing nutrients.
As I explain to all my customers, the results are not always instantaneous. Many additional benefits of the product will be achieved after a few months of application. An additional long term benefit is increased resiliency of plants.  A good depiction of increased resiliency can be shown with a Citrus tree in Boca Raton, FL. A few months after hiring my company for maintenance services, a customer also requested Massey Pest Control to put “weed & feed” (atrazine) on the lawn.  One week later, the Lime tree went into a steep decline and appeared dead. My customer sent an email wondering what would cause the tree to react in such a negative way.  An assessment of the tree noted browning of weeds around the base of the tree, typical of atrazine treatment.  The Lime tree was on the same path as the weeds.  I explained how atrazine worked as a weed control, but it could adversely affect shrubs and trees in the landscape.  One stem on the tree did not defoliate and the tree slowly recovered.  As the tree recovered, it was attacked by Leaf Miner in June. Prior to the W&F damage the Lime tree was sprayed with OceanSolution 3 times (4 week intervals), the tree was healthy and the blooms were plentiful.  I greatly believe OceanSolution greatly added to the recovery and survival of this particular plant.  


From: Beth and Dewey Graff (Eden Prairie, MN)
Date: June 2009

OceanSolution was sprayed on all our bushes twice, one month apart, and now what used to be a Rock Path going around the side of our house is now totally obscured, because the bushes have grown dramatically (out about 4 feet) from where they normally come to. We originally sprayed OceanSolution to see what would happen on our browned out Juniper Bushes that were suffering from Winter Kill. They are getting green again (lower left); most people had to pull their Juniper Bushes out and put in new ones. 

We sprayed OceanSolution on all our Ornamental Grasses that we have growing around our House twice, one month apart, and the results were incredible. Look at the differences between our Ornamental Grasses and that of our Neighbors, which are growing just 30 feet apart. OceanSolution works! 

We now have the biggest Asian Lilies that I have ever seen. We sprayed OceanSolution on our Flowers 2 times, one month apart, and were amazed by the results. These photos were taken at 11 AM and we had a serious rain downpour at 5 AM. The Flowers weren’t even phased by the downpour. OceanSolution has made them Healthy and Strong. 


ompany: Nanak's Landscaping - Florida
Name: Juan Alcaide, Senior Agronomist & Horticulturist
Date: July 2010

I am the Senior Agronomist & Horticulturist for Nanak’s Landscaping, a company that maintains high end commercial properties. I was introduced to OceanSolution Mineralizer at Sand Pearl property, a four star Clearwater Beach resort. After 36 years in the industry I have never experienced such amazing results from one product. This property has been maintained without the use of traditional fertilizers and pesticides since adopting OceanSolution Mineralizer! 


From: Fernando Trigoso (Weston, FL)
Date: June 2009

My family and I moved to a new house a couple of months ago. Our front lawn was yellow and we didn't have any flowers. However, after using OceanSolution, the grass turned greener and our flowers bloomed! We are extremely proud to say that our daughter and dog can play in a chemical-free lawn, thank you OceanSolution! 


From: Winford Fowler (Tampa, FL)
Date: April 2009

Just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to OceanSolution. I have used this fertilizer on several St. Augustine lawns on a monthly basis for a few months and have seen drastic changes in color and growth. A rich deep green and thickening of runner shoots have helped increase sales in neighborhoods, not to mention how safe the product is to use. I also use it on ornamental shrubs, flowers and trees. I have not seen it burn any plants and I think it's a much better product than soluble fertilizers. Thanks again for your help. 


From: Dawn V. (Ontario, Canada)

Dear OceanGrown, |
Over the last 15 years I have had great interest in the nutrition of myself, my family and those closest to me. In my lifelong quest for perfect nutrition, I have been introduced to OceanSolution. The first time I heard the ocean water concept, it immediately made perfect sense. We are constantly looking for the magic ‘supplement' or perfect ‘diet' for our bodies. We literally have to look no farther than our own back yard. Mother Nature is an amazing force, which provides us the resources in abundance – we just have to recognize and use what she has already given us so generously.
I have been an orchid grower for 15 years. Aside from the nutritional benefits of OceanSolution, I was anxious to try them on my plants. I reduced the solution to 600 ppm, as orchids are very sensitive to mineral build up. I am proud to say, that I have more blooming plants, plants in spike (bud) and the healthiest new growth I have ever had.
My plants immediately responded to the OceanSolution, and have put on strong healthy growth over the last year. I have had orchids bloom that I had given up on – they had not bloomed in the last 10+ years, and now have beautiful flowers.
OceanSolution is an amazing resource that everyone should be taking advantage of. After all, you can't do any better than Mother Nature!  


From: Dean Steeves - Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego CA)
Spring 2006

Before the spring:
The property is located in Rancho Santa Fe, California (San Diego Area). The botanical garden (lawn, palms, trees, potted plants, citrus trees, flowers) is an on going project and a continuous enhancement to the property.
The organic garden, which consists of five raised beds (6' x 12'), was started in 2003 and is really the reason why I am writing this testimonial. Let me first tell you a little about our raised beds:
The soil: Organic formula topped by 2 inches of worm casting and organic compost.
The irrigation system: 8 sprinklers per bed with independent valves connected through food grade PVC pipes to a DOsatron injection box, which dispenses a liquid organic nutrient called Biolink 333.
The seeds: Organic seeds, mostly heirloom, from Seeds of Change.
It seemed like all the perfect ingredients for a successful garden. It was a good harvest with some crops better than others in spite of the pests that we controlled, as you may have guessed, without chemical pesticide or any other kind of poisons. 

Spring 2006, and after:
It is not until we discovered OceanSolution Formula that we realized what real potential this gardening adventure had. We hooked the concentrated solution to our Dosatron system (at a 100 to one ratio) and started watering the beds this spring and noticed some incredible changes right away such as:
After turning the soil in each bed (post harvest), I could not find a single cut worm, where before the beds were full of them.
The quality of the soil itself improved - the color was deeper, richer and looked healthier.
The best news was - practically no bugs! Using OceanSolution resulted in healthier veggies, growing to their full potential and tasting even better.
Fruit trees (citrus) - Seem to have twice the amount of fruits - again No Bugs!
Flowers - Roses, hydrangeas and impatients increased in growth --- with the hydrangeas blooms tripling this year. And, after cutting, by placing the cut flowers in holding vases containing the same ratio of clean water to OceanSolution as was used to feed them while they were growing (100 parts clean water to 1 part OceanSolution), they stayed fresh-looking up to twice as long as the same variety cut flowers that had been grown without OceanSolution. The 'holding vase mix' was changed once every other day.
Potted Plants - Fuller and greener.
Palm Trees - after watering a practically dead palm tree for 3 weeks, I was able to revive it and transplant it successfully.
We are just beginning our fall planting and we will be experimenting with different dilution ratios to see whether certain crops prefer more or less of the OceanSolution. But either way, there is no doubt in our minds that OceanSolution far exceeds any other option that one may have to achieve the best results.