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Fruits and Nuts



From: Tony Anastasia (Monterey CA)
July 2012

    Hi my name is Tony.  I would just like to say I am in no way shape or form working for ocean solutions.  I'm just a grower, just like you if you’re reading this.  I've been growing for about 15 years now and have used most products on the market, but last year I was introduced to OceanSolution Pure and had outstanding results.  Last year I couldn't say for sure HEY OceanSolution is amazing there were simply way too many factors that could have run into play.  So after many conversations with friends and family I thought this year for shits and giggles I'm gonna take all the guess work out and go start to finish growing tomatos.  So in the beginning of March I picked up an early girl tomato plant cut 8 clones in a bubble cloner which I made out of a cookie container and fish bowl pump.  If you know about cloning you know I created a 8 genetic copies of that plant.  Right away I started spraying 4 with ocean solutions 4 with regular water.  The ones with ocean solutions grew roots in 10 days the one with just water 12.  After about 20 days i put them in pint container in sunshine #4 soil.  All this time I foliar fed 4 of them twice a week with ocean solutions under the leaves.  I put all of them in the ground in an organic compost I made with worm castings, bat guano perlite seabird/chicken guano.  I put about 6 inches of sunshine #4 soil on top of the soil because I didn't want to burn out the root structure.  They were all watered with the same water from a well with a ph level of 6.0.  ALL THE PLANTS WERE WATERED THE SAME AMOUNT TREATED THE SAME except 4 were strayed twice a week with OceanSolution.  Well a pictures worth a thousand words its June 19th the ones i sprayed with ocean solutions are all about 4 and a half foot tall the others are about 3 and don't look as healthy.  For the most part these are still in veg state so I'm looking forward for them to go into reproduction because there's no reason for them not to get 6 and a half 7 foot tall loaded with tomatoes. At the end of the year I will repost with final results and pictures. 
     I grow watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, corn pumpkins, and squash and this product works wonders on everything I have and will recommend this product to everyone.  BTW ever since I've been using OceanSolution on my squash I haven't had any problems with powdery mildew, which is crazy to me because I live in California where humidity can reach 50%.
    Whenever you foliar feed make sure make sure u do it 30 min after sunrise or 30 min before sunset to get the most out of it due to plant being able to absorb at its best.  
Thanks and happy growing.


Darryl Keys - on behalf of his daughter Eleanor
November 2011

1. Eleanor gained 1st place in her Middle School Science Project Entry ‘The Use of Ocean Solution as a Watering Medium and Its Impact on Plant Growth’ and will now advance to the regional finals in spring.
2. The tomato plants respectively received – daily ocean solution, ocean solution twice a week, ocean solution once a week, 50/50 ocean solution with fertilizer (daily, twice a week and once a week) and water alone. The plants which used just fertilizer all died just after germination (in all frequencies – daily, twice a week and once a week).
3.  The plants which used Ocean Solution (daily, twice a week and once a week) all appear more healthy and robust
4.  Ocean Solution plants displayed the tallest plants, the larger number of leaves, the biggest leaves having the largest surface areas, earlier flowering and budding with more flowers and buds and finally, the only ones at this stage to have tomatoes growing. Daily use of Ocean Solution has resulted in the best in all of the above categories with the exception of leaf area (where Ocean Solution twice a week saw larger leaves). We have extensive data and graphing relating to definitive measurements of all of the above categories and these will be included in the final report. We also have an extensive number of photographs taken through the whole process.

    So, even at this stage, it is very clear that Ocean Solution has a significant impact on the growth of these plants and it would appear to result in earlier maturity. The fruits are still growing on the plants and are still not ripe, but certainly on those using Ocean Solution daily, this is not far off.
(A copy of the final report is attached to the right, and we are happy t report that Eleanor placed 4th in the Junior Botany Division in the Florida State Science Fair. She also won a special award for the quality of her data analysis!) 


From: David M. Sproules
Carmichael's Restaurant

Dear OceanGrown:
    After first having met you and your partners, I have become more convinced each time I deal with your products that they are superior to anything I have experienced. As you know, I have built a business with Carmichael's Gourmet Restaurant in Sarasota as chef and co-owner over the past four years, and I have attended numerous national and international food shows. With continuous exposure to various qualities of food, and having won the National Gourmet Chef competition last year, I feel my evaluation of superior food products is of some merit. With many years in this business, I say without hesitation that your herbs and vegetables are the best in quality, taste, appearance and shelf life of any that I have ever seen. Your method of growing food in ocean water is so unique and ecologically sound. 

David M. Sproules
Carmichael's Restaurant 


From: A. Newhouse (California)
Dear OceanGrown Team,
    We did a 1/2 acre garden for the first time this year and our Sweet Keeper squash averaged 12 to 23 lbs. in size with excellent taste and color. Typically these are 8 to 10 lbs. in size.
    We are also trying it in our Hydroponics system and so far it seems the salad greens are greener, tastier and hardier than in commercial hydroponics solution. We did have to add KNO3 it seems as we are using Fl seeds. It was a mix up as the source was thought to be a heritage store.
Thank You!
A. Newhouse 



From: J. Graves (Plant City, FL)
Date: September 2009

"Dear OceanGrown: My name is Jewel Graves and I have had our Muscadine Grapevine for over 20 years in our backyard and every season it gives us as much as we can eat of the grapes. My grandson had given me some OceanGrown Solution for Christmas last year and so I tried it for the upcoming season on the grape vine. After a couple of weeks I noticed the grapes were coming in early and they also were rapidly growing in numbers. By the time I finished the OceanGrown treatment, the yield this year was double than any other in 20+ years. I was truly amazed by the results of OceanGrown Solution. There was another thing that really struck me about the plant this year; every time the grapes will come to surface the plant would drop them on the ground right when they were ripe. After the OG treatment, the grapes had stayed on the plant and didn’t drop! I’m guessing because the plant got all the nutrients the Grapevine got stronger and healthier. Now this is the kind of results you want to see in your plants and fruits. I’m 76 yrs of age and a lot has changed since I was a kid and the taste of fruits and vegetables have dramatically dropped. Seeing the results of OceanSolution, I think that will make every plant and every human healthier if they use this product. I’m sold and everyone I talk to is amazed at the progress and happy to back off the chemicals that we use today. Thanks OceanGrown for supplying me with a little taste of when I was young."



From: Marilyn Kefirlady
Date: June 2009

"I have been growing Killarny Raspberries organically for about 12 years. They are heavy producers with big berries to begin with but this time something very special is happening. A couple of weeks ago I foliar sprayed three canes plus dumped about a quart of 100:1 dilution of OceanSolution on them. Theses raspberries have the most blossoms I have ever seen. There are many branches coming off the main stem just loaded. Just for fun I counted the clusters on two of the canes and counted the blossoms in a cluster. There are 33 clusters on one cane and 42 on another. There is an average of 8 blossoms per clusters. I am going to get hundreds of raspberries off these two canes. I have never seen anything like this. This makes me want to grow raspberries on a larger scale. The raspberry canes I did not fertilize with OceanSolution look normal as they did in other years. I'm glad I didn't fertilize them all so I have something to compare. Everybody I have shown is amazed. The difference is more obvious that a train wreck! It won't be long and I'll see what my mulberry tree is going to do. It is loaded with mulberries this year. I am going to see if the OceanSolution will make the berries grow bigger. As with any tree the more fruit the smaller they are usually. I am hoping to more fruit and larger at the same time. Am i asking too much?"



From: Karin Burleson (Texas)
Date: February 2009

"This is the first time ever that I tell people how good a product works. We just moved a year ago from Florida to Waco, Texas. We bought the house with a big garden in the summer of 2007. I noticed back then that a bunch of bananas was growing in the back, about 2 feet high. They still were the same height when we moved in, in the spring of 2008 and then they froze down to the ground. My new neighbors told me that they have never seen them any taller than that for years. Also some Palm Trees that didn't look to good. With all the work of moving I didn't have much time to work in the garden that spring and take care of things, but I did use some left over OceanSolution that I previously used with much success in Florida. I just put it in a bottle sprayer and mixed about an ounce of it with water and went around the garden and sprayed it on anything that was coming out of the ground and on the trunks of trees. I did that again two months later. The only other thing I used on the bananas was a bag of composted chicken manure. All summer long we were remodeling the house and everyone kept on asking what kind of plant was growing in the back. Our bananas had grown to about 10ft high and very bushy, also all the palm trees had so many new leaves we had to trim them several times during the growing season. This year, as soon as I receive the new order I will spray OceanSolution on every inch of our 1/2 acre lot and I will have the best looking flowers and garden, just like we did in Florida."



Letter to Mr. Colonel V. Doner
Chairman of the Board
Children's Hunger Relief Fund

Dear Colonel: It has been more than 2 years since receiving the two barrels of "OceanGrown" (OceanSolution®), and I began experimenting with them. In Nicaragua we only have two seasons, our rainy season, which lasts 6 months and our non-rainy season, which lasts 6 months. For this reason there has been a delay with the experimenting we had begun on the grass we use to feed the cattle as well as with the fruit trees. After experimenting 8 months, we were able to verify the following results regarding the oranges, avocados and cattle grass: Phase1: - The fruit trees produced much more fruit. - The cattle that ate the grass fertilized with OceanGrown (OceanSolution®), experienced faster growth and weight gain. Phase 2: After analyzing the chemical makeup of OceanGrown over duration of 6 months, with the help of a technician that has been working with us, we decided to begin a project using Hydroponics. After much experimenting we were able to verify that the first step would be to extract the juices from the best grasses; Signal and Sorghum Grass. May God bless you,

Lic. Mario José Avilé Sáenz



From: A. Filsinger (Canada)
"To OceanGrown Mineral Rich - In 65 years of farming all types - animals, vegetables, fruit, grain, etc. - am fully convinced that complete balance is the ultimate in nutrition for all. As early as 1936, Dr. (Charles) Northern proved it in Orlando, Florida.. Read article 'Modern Miracle Men'; an article by Rex Beach, Senate Document 264. In late part of 2003 became aware of OceanSolution and a way we could apply it to our soil so as to grow better food.. I sprayed it over the orchard soil; also to the foliage in separate areas. This year I am amazed as to definite improvement in color, flavor, and ability to not drop off tree until fully ripe. The leaves were so much better even to freeze-up time. I am definitely going to keep using OceanGrown's (OceanSolution)." Mr. Filsinger (an organic grower), has just celebrated his 50th year in business.



From: Annette Larkins
OceanSolution wins my vote as the best plant nutrient provider yet! It gets the job done with minimum effort - requiring one part solution to 100 parts water; so a little goes a long way, making it cost effective. It is organic in nature, so there are no harmful chemical effects. It is clear and odorless; there is no fishy smell, which I have experienced with other sea nutrients. It contains nature's 92 elements, allowing plants to choose the ones they need. I use OceanSolution to grow plants with and without soil. I am secure in the knowledge that my plants grow in a healthy, balanced environment, conductive to minimizing the possibility of bug attacks. Healthy plants stand a better chance of surviving infestation from disease and insect invasion. A good analogy is that of healthy human body cells; cancer and other diseases are not likely to thrive under homeostatic conditions. Well, bugs are not apt to ravage a healthy garden. My garden includes a beautiful variety of greens, herbs, mints, peppers, tomatoes, and peas. What a wonderful feeling it is to pick and eat food fro my back yard, and how reassuring it is to consume such delicious bounty without fear of ingesting dangerous pesticides. Although I grow the aforementioned plants with soil, I prefer to grow wheatgrass hydroponically. For years I had a love/hate relationship with wheatgrass juice. I knew it's beneficial value; I even wrote about it in my first booklet "Journey to Health". Nevertheless, when drinking it I abhorred the nauseating, heaving sensation that lingered, especially when burping. As a result, I seldom drank it. On the other hand, in addition to enhancing the flavor of the juice, OceanSolution also eliminates the repulsive after taste. OceanSolution has shown me that all wheatgrass juice is not equal. I now enjoy at least an ounce a day. Also, I am confident that the quality of crops from the new fruit trees that I have planted will be just as impressive since they, too, are drinking in nourishment from OceanSolution.

Annette Larkins
Author of the booklets "Journey To Health" and "Journey To Health 2" , and the 12-part television series "Health Alternatives with Living Foods"