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Pasture Grasses 



From: Felix Tabb Jr. (Colquitt, GA)
Date: February 2012 

“I was first introduced to OceanSolution through a representative named Artie Crespo. He told me to apply OS in a small area by itself and apply my regular fertilizer everywhere else. My big mistake was to apply OS near my house because my cattle went right past the applied regular fertilizer and right to the OS applied area. They did not leave the OS area until there was no more grazing available. I now use OS on all my 20 acres. My pastures are very green, and I have noticed that my cattle have a very shiny coat. The cattle also seem to be more docile and content.” 


From: Kim Fender (Loxahatchee, FL)
Date: February 2009

"The main reason we started using OceanSolution is for the health of our horses. They graze on practically our whole property. Using conventional fertilizers is not an option with horses, and the 17 dogs we have rescued. Our horses are noticeably healthier than other horses. Everyone who sees them can’t believe how beautiful and shiny they are. We are convinced that because of the Ocean Solution feeding the grasses that they graze on, have improved the health of their hooves and no longer wear shoes. Their coats have a shine superior to other horses. They are getting the minerals now that were missing in their diet before OceanSolution naturally.
This is a product that anyone with so much as a small yard to hundreds of acres should be using. Not only does it put the minerals back into nature but the dramatic change in the appearance of all floras and fauna can be seen in a very short time.
We are on a well and know we are doing the right thing for the environment using OceanSolution as our fertilizer. 

Thank you for all you do. 

Kindest regards,
Kim Fender
Loxahatchee, FL"


From: L. Carrico (Indiana)

It all started out reading "Sea Energy Agriculture". Must have read it at least three times. Dr. Maynard Murray was looking for something, and I feel that he found it. Then came "Fertility from the ocean deep" by Charles Walters. It had me convinced, and I don't convince easily.
Have been pasturing a herd of colored cattle in a cow calf operation. Was so convinced that it was the thing to do, I didn't even experiment. I sprayed 235 acres of hay and pasture with a drum of "OceanGrown Solution" in early April.
The cows seemed to be quite content when I moved them each day to a new patty, (observation no.1).
It was a very dry summer, and I couldn't bring myself to put OceanSolution on a 2nd and 3rd crop.
Late Aug. couldn't hold out any longer. I put on the 2nd. drum of OceanSolution. The calves got very sociable, 'nozy', and inquisitive beyond what I felt was normal. They would come up and almost let me pet them. (observ no.2).
Last of Sept. weaned calves they didn't go through the 'Spoke' stage that happened in past years. (obsev 3).
We were feeding a small amount of grain and excellent 3rd crop alfalfa that had not been sprayed with OceanSolution. I remembered Dr. Murray's trial about mixing conventional crops with OceanGrown crops, I put in a l000# round bale to 70 calves of 1st crop grass. Approximately 9 hours later the bale was all gone, (obsev no, 4).
They were sold Friday following Thanksgiving. They loaded and handled very nice and handled remarkably well. No climbing walls, going under gates, nobody got kicked, no sick calves all summer, and no Pink Eye, which is a first (obser. no.5).
My neighbor Walt, a retired farmer with 4 acres of hay and pasture, was grazing 5 head of Jersey and Guernsey steers to butcher in the fall. He was feeding a small amount of corn. They would push him out of the way to get at it, one day pushing him in the manger.
Had a small amount of OceanSolution left in sprayer, that I sprayed on his 4 acre hay and pasture. A day or two later, Walt stopped to tell me that what ever that stuff was it made them very docile. When going out to feed them, they were in no hurry to get up or run over to the corn. They were very leisure about the feed situation.
By the end of the summer they started reverting back, to their 'aunary' state. I sprayed the pasture again in Sept, and they reverted back to their docile life style, (obser no.6-7)
OceanGrown and Dr. Murray have convinced me. The secret "92 plus elements" all in perfect balance with one another. It is a very simple (solution) to our health and the health of the livestock at a very reasonable price.
Next year everything gets sprayed, with observation that are going to get better. Dr. Murray unlocked the secret to the "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH". 


Letter to Mr. Colonel V. Doner
Chairman of the Board
Children's Hunger Relief Fund

Dear Colonel:
It has been more that 2 years since receiving the two barrels of OceanSolution, and I began experimenting with them. In Nicaragua we only have two seasons, our rainy season, which lasts 6 months and our non-rainy season, which lasts 6 months. For this reason there has been a delay with the experimenting we had begun on the grass we use to feed the cattle as well as with the fruit trees. After experimenting 8 months, we were able to verify the following results regarding the oranges, avocados and cattle grass: 

- The fruit trees produced much more fruit.
- The cattle that ate the grass fertilized with OceanSolution, experienced faster growth and weight gain. 

Phase 2:
After analyzing the chemical make up of OceanSolution over duration of 6 months, with the help of a technician that has been working with us, we decided to begin a project using Hydroponics. After much experimenting we were able to verify that the first step would be to extract the juices from the best grasses; Signal and Sorghum Grass. 

May God bless you,
Lic. Mario José Avilé Sáenz 


From: Tammy Soik (Hillman, MI)
Date: February 2009

"The over use of land without mineral replacement has been a personal pet peeve of mine. As a nurse, I know the importance of lack of nutrients in the body. Owning land, I know the importance of getting nutrients into soil. Several years ago I borrowed a book from my chiropractor's library. It was Dr.Murray's story. I researched the subject more and decided to try OceanSolution on my produce garden. I had excellent results. Abundant crops grew. I had a decrease in weeds, spoilage, and nasty bugs. I had increased crops. I sold and gave away all I could and still had more. Vegetables kept longer without spoilage. I rotated my garden to a different plot and started over. My husband put in a hay field utilizing the garden site and adjoining land. The difference in nutriton became obvious as the hay began to grow. The land with several years of proper nutrients had fewer weeds. We continue to use OceanSolution. I mix it with my potting soil and also apply it to my garden. It is applied to our hay fields to provide nutrition needed for animals and ultimately people.