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  • To improve domestic and international farming practices by changing the chemical based approach we use to grow our foods.
  • To provide non-toxic, sustainable alternatives that reverse the environmental impact on our air, soil, and water.
  • To remineralize our soil to re-nutrify our foods by using natural full-spectrum plant nutrients.
  • To help growers reduce input costs and increase crop yields.
  • To help produce affordable foods that improve the health and lives of consumers.

Dewey Graff, OGD President and John Hartman, CEO, OceanGrown Inc.

Dewey Graff

Nick Walton
Director Global Business Development

Beth Graff
Director Global Strategic Development, Nutrition and Beauty

Eric Wells
Global Business Development

  • OceanGrown develops sustainable, balanced, enviro-friendly technologies & agricultural inputs that maximize the taste & the nutritional content in crops, as well as the yields of all plants and grasses, at prices attractive to both growers and consumers. We replace that which has been taken away for generations, by restoring the full-spectrum of natural minerals, properly balanced, to the earth’s soil. Go beyond organic, add nutrients too, be OceanGrown.

Dr. Murray began his lifelong research in sea energy agriculture in 1936. His goal: to get the perfect chemistry (consistency, balance and proportion) of the ocean back into the depleted soils. He felt this was the key to proper nutrition, a stronger immune system and a longer, healthier life. Dr. Murray undertook a variety of experiments to unearth the secrets of the sea, often wondering why land-based animals suffered from so many forms of chronic disease while sea animals generally enjoyed vigorous health…

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Re-Mineralization has been shown to cause phenomenal growth for microorganisms in the soil. It increases the nutrient intake of plants. It counters the effects of soil acidity, prevents soil erosion, increases the storage capacity of the soil, contributes to the building of precious humus complexes, has anti-fungal properties, and when you spray it on plants it helps to repel insects...

It is the policy of OceanGrown Distribution, LLC (OGD) to define high-risk (materiality) as it affects financial, social, and/or environmental issues pertaining to operations, processes, and/or properties. All such risks incurred by operations, processes, and/or properties that are wholly owned and operated by OceanGrown Distribution, are managed under the direction of its senior leaders. Other material issues pertaining to operations, processes, and/or properties that are not directly owned by OGD yet are areas that OGD has significant influence are also defined and managed under the direction of its senior leaders.
In August 2009, OGD conducted an internal review and has determined that there are no known high-risk (material) issues involving the operations, processes, and/or properties wholly owned and operated by OGD. There are also no known high-risk (material) issues pertaining to operations, processes, and/or properties that are not directly owned by OGD.