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Large Acreage Farming




From: Greg Luthy (Nebraska)

"This is my third year using OceanSolution; and I am seeing overall better plant health. For example, while many in the county lost a lot of their corn crop to Southern Rust, I lost just a little at the very end of the harvest. This fall my corn yield averaged 210 bushels per acre with some fields averaging 232. Talking to some of my neighbors, they reported hearing of farms that had averaged yields of only 190 bushels per acre. My soybeans this year averaged 72.5 bushels per acre, and were completely disease free. I am very happy with the yields this year; and I credit this to using OceanGrown's OceanSolution, which produced healthier plants due to the added nutrients applied on the seeds during planting, and through the pivot during late bloom. My agronomist was amazed how good my crops looked."


From: Bruce Anderson (Minnesota)

"This is my first year using OceanGrown products. I was raised on this family farm, and this year's crops were the best I have ever produced. Before beginning to foliar feed my alfalfa with OceanSolution (after the first cutting), I had noticed aphids in the fields. Just one day after first applying OceanSolution, the bugs were either gone or dead. The second and third cuttings were the best I have ever had; and the alfalfa looked good going into the winter. My corn yields were significantly better this year, and the ears had fewer and shallower dents than in previous years. Our good soybean fields yielded 62 bu/acre (more than double what I harvested from these same fields last year). The beans were incredibly green and vibrant looking."


From: B. Gunzenhauser (Iowa)

Hello, I'd like to submit this testimony of using OceanGrown Solution for the drawing mentioned in the recent newsletter. This year I grew a field of soybeans here on my farm in south-central Iowa. The variety was Garst 3624RR/N, a Roundup-Ready variety. On 7/9/2005, when the soybeans were at R1/R2 stage (just blooming), I sprayed three rates of OceanSolution on the soybeans in one part of the field. I mixed the OceanSolution with the water at 1 gallon OceanSolution to 100 gallons of water. Here is some information: Date: 7/9/2005 Time: 6:30 - 7:30 AM Air temperature: 75 degrees F Water beginning TDS PPM: 215 Water after being mixed with OceanSolution, TDS PPM: 1300 Strip Rate PSI Yield, Bu/Ac Acres Check #1 None 0 63.8 5.5 Rate #1 10GPA 25 65.0 6.8 Rate #2 15GPA 40 64.4 6.8 Rate #3 20GPA 40 64.2 6.7 Check #2 None 0 61.8 4.8 As you can see, OceanSolution provided a 2 bu/ac increase over the check strips with no treatment. At $6.00/bushel, this is $12/acre for an application that cost a third of it. This illustrates that OceanSolution can provide benefits to non-specialty crops. Thank you for your consideration, B. Gunzenhauser


From: A. Filsingerv (Canada)

"To OceanGrown Mineral Rich - In 65 years of farming all types - animals, vegetables, fruit, grain, etc. - am fully convinced that complete balance is the ultimate in nutrition for all. As early as 1936, Dr. (Charles) Northern proved it in Orlando, Florida.. Read article 'Modern Miracle Men'; an article by Rex Beach, Senate Document 264. In late part of 2003 became aware of OceanSolution and a way we could apply it to our soil so as to grow better food.. I sprayed it over the orchard soil; also to the foliage in separate areas. This year I am amazed as to definite improvement in color, flavor, and ability to not drop off tree until fully ripe. The leaves were so much better even to freeze-up time. I am definitely going to keep using OceanGrown's (OceanSolution)." Mr. Filsinger (an organic grower), has just celebrated his 50th year in business.