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Golf & Turf



From: Bob Marino (Brooksville, FL)

I’m Bob Marino, Superintendent at Silverthorn Country Club. As a Superintendent, I try many new products in the pursuit of the “perfect” golf course. The most impressive new product I have used is OceanSolution. I was introduced to OceanSolution about a month ago. After just three applications, I am seeing amazing results. It’s hard to believe, but, even with the adverse weather conditions we have been experiencing lately, I have been able to improve and maintain the color of the greens as well as strengthen the root system. I am a true believer in OceanSolution and will continue to use it throughout the year. My recommendation to my peers . . . go “green” with OceanSolution!


From: Fernando Trigoso (Weston, FL)

My family and I moved to a new house a couple of months ago. Our front lawn was yellow and we didn't have any flowers. However, after using OceanGrown's OceanSolution, the grass turned to a rich green and our flowers bloomed beautifully! We were even able to cut down on our water usage. We are extremely proud to say that our daughter and dog can play in a chemical-free lawn, thank you OceanGrown!



From: Winford Fowler (Tampa, FL)

I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to OceanGrown. I have used this fertilizer on several St. Augustine lawns on a monthly basis for a few months and have seen drastic changes in color and growth. A rich deep green and thickening of runner shoots have helped increase sales in neighborhoods, not to mention how safe the product is to use. I also use it on ornamental shrubs, flowers and trees. I have not seen it burn any plants and I think it's a much better product than soluble fertilizers. Thanks again for your help.


From: Tim Daley (Clearwater, FL)

I was tired of seeing the “keep children and pets off until dry” placard in my lawn after it had been treated by my lawn service. I let them go and decided to treat my lawn with OceanSolution instead. I treated my lawn for the first time at the end of December of 2008. At the end of January and beginning of February of 2009, we had back to back hard freezes here in Tampa. All of my neighbor’s lawns turned completely brown and looked like they were dead and here, in the middle of it all, was my emerald green lawn. In fact, it was so noticeable one of my neighbors accused me of turning my sprinklers on, when I wasn't allowed to, because of the Watering Ban here in Tampa, to save my grass from the freeze. My neighbor is now using OceanGrown and I have found a lawn care service who has agreed to apply it for me. They are considering using OceanSolution on all the1200 lawns they service!



Rodney R. Schultz - Golf Course Superintendent
Feb 2013

“My name is Rodney Schultz and I'm the Golf Course Superintendent for Meadow Oaks Golf & Country Club in Hudson, Fl. I've been a Superintendent since 1998 and chose to try OceanSolution 5 years ago when I was looking for a more Eco-friendly product to use on my course. After some initial trials, I began to regularly use the product on all my greens. ... After regular use of OceanSolution, I had began to notice that I could actually increase the intervals between my treatments. I also began to experience a more consistent growth with flushing being minimized. ... It's use has assisted me in maintaining a consistent quality of play while reducing my negative environmental impacts.”