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Everyone agrees we should be using less chemicals and pesticides, although that is true across the board, it is especially true for our vegetables, fruits and herbs. We consume these foods on a daily basis, or at least we should. The reason why the victory garden and food based gardening has become so popular is because we are not happy with the quality of food at the grocery stores and we have realized we can do it better ourselves. There's no better way to grow the crops that end up on your table for dinner, than with OceanGrown's OceanSolution. Better taste, better quality, better value, and no harmful products.

Benefits of using the OceanSolution Program

The OceanSolution Program can provide cost savings over your current fertilizer program by cutting back on the NPK Fertilizer use by up to ½ the first year alone. The OceanSolution Program can save up to 1/3 over your existing fertilizer program, depending upon specific crop and geographic location. There is also an additional savings by cutting out money allocated for fungicide and pesticides in most circumstances.

Spray and Play - there is no mask and gloves required; it is a true Green Program. The OceanSolution Program is non-toxic and therefore no toxic runoff or related hypoxia issues it is a true Green Program. This is a huge benefit for farming given the current EPA move to set limits on Fertilizer Pollution (read article), along with the push in Congress to pass the Clean Water Restoration Act (read article).

OceanSolution requires no special equipment for application and can be used with all existing farm equipment.

The OceanSolution Program contains all 90 Elements, providing the full spectrum of elements available to the plant/crop, thereby allowing it to uptake the specific elements required to realize the plant/crop full potential for growth, health and nutritional value. There are also 2 naturally occurring Aerobic Bacteria – Azobacter and Nitrobacter in OceanSolution, which are capable of fixing 40 Lbs. of Nitrogen per acre (per year), which allow an initial 50% reduction for any required NPK Fertilizer.

The OceanSolution Program re-mineralizes the soil, strengthens the root system of the crop, thereby increasing Carbon Sequestration and making the crop healthier and able to withstand the stress associated with disease and weather, including extreme temperature and water variations. OceanSolution fulfills the Genetic Elemental Uptake Permission (GEUP) for minerals for each individual crop, thereby producing maximum grain size and optimum taste.

The OceanSolution Program can provide 10 to 20% and sometimes higher Yields for crops, depending on specific crop and geographic location.

The OceanSolution Program enables the ability to help manage input costs, through consistent pricing, thereby avoiding the fluctuating costs of most fertilizer programs.

The OceanSolution Program increases the maximum shelf life for vegetables, fruits and nuts by 50 – 100%. Healthy Crops and Produce that are filled with all the Elements that their specific Genetic Elemental Uptake Permission (GEUP) requires stay fresh longer than standard NPK program crops and produce.


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Questions and Answers

Are you certified organic?
Yes, click here to see our CCS.

Do you have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?
Yes, click here to view it as a PDF.

What are the names of all the identified elements in OceanSolution®?
See our comprehensive chart that lists all of the elements in OceanSolution®.

I am planting a vegetable garden and was wondering how much I need to apply, we are just getting ready to dig up the soil and put in the water lines. Should I spray the soil now or wait until I plant?
It is best to apply the OceanSolution® mix (1 part per 100) as close to the roots as possible at planting time. Because OceanSolution® is in an inorganic form it will not need to first be broken down by the microbes in the soil, OceanSolution® is readily available for the plants to assimilate. Unlike organic nutrients that plants cannot utilize until they are broken down into an inorganic form.