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We understand the value of your current programs and how much effort it takes to grow food and feed crops. With OceanGrown’s OceanSolution™ you don't need expensive new planting or fertilizing equipment, you can use your existing equipment. You can apply it whenever you would normally use the fertilizer you have been using.

In fact, our years of experience with a variety of food and feed crops can be used to your advantage. So whether you are doing in-row planting, foliar, side-row, chemi-gating or even more advanced growing programs, OceanSolution™ can easily and readily be adapted to meet your demands for consistent, stable growing - with the best part being the proven yield increase and the other benefits that you can read about as follows.

Our pricing remains not only stable year to year - it costs less than conventional industrial NPK fertilizers - and it gives several more advantages, including consistent and improved yield. Holding input costs is a big challenge for any grower. Look at what happened to NPK costs over the last several years - cost increases for NPK has ranged from 300 to 400 percent more than previous levels. OceanSolution™ has not seen any price increase since 2004.

Here is something really important to remember - OceanSolution™ can be used to reduce NPK inputs and thereby lower costs. Some growers have been able to fully eliminate using NPK fertilizers entirely, which directly reduces their nutrient input costs. There is also the added cost reduction by lowering additional agricultural inputs – fungicides and pesticides.

Despite changing growing conditions like drought, temperature swings, floods, or early snows - all of which stress a plant's ability to be healthy and give expected yields - OceanSolution™ works to keep the plant's physiology at its peak performance. In other words, the more plants are able to take advantage of the OceanSolution™ enriched soils, to remain rooted, and continuously experience healthy nutrient uptake helps the plant to overcome the stressors. Whether foliar or side-row applied, the plants continue to receive the direct benefits, which also further enable the uptake of critically needed nutrients for maximizing the core health and resiliency. Overall, each planted seed has the optimum conditions needed to give both planned yields and actual increased yields. Recent field trials by the chief agronomist at one of the world's best known sweet corn and vegetable brand research fields has shown proven yield increases over conventional NPK based growing programs. Growers who began using OceanSolution™ over the past several years have been very happy to report that their yields have increased, especially during very challenging growing conditions. As you learn more about why this happens, you will begin to understand that the answer is not too complicated. You simply must use the best inputs to get the best outputs - and that means that giving the soil and the plant the best chance to grow to it's fullest and healthiest potential that is at the heart of these yields.

The healthier a plant becomes, the less susceptible it is to both pests and diseases. This isn't new news - but it is hard to do when the plant has limited inputs. It is true that yield can be increased - but sometimes, it just costs too much to do that. In terms of keeping more plants healthy by applying additional herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides - yes, you will stand a better chance of more plants giving you the expected and in some cases, better yields - but only in the sense that fewer plants were lost to pests or diseases or other stressors. Using OceanSolution™ is really about giving the plant the best opportunity to maintain a steady and high level of resistance that would normally require the use of more pest management inputs, and it doesn't make sense to apply products that have tough and unwanted consequences, such as water or air pollution or worker health issues. OceanSolution™ is non-toxic and gives the plants the best fighting chance to grow healthy, without the need for additional pest and disease management inputs. And consider this, if these additional inputs are necessary, then a healthy plant will need only a minimal amount, as it already has higher levels of immune response.

Researchers have demonstrated that a plant needs balanced and moderate inputs of nutrients to thrive and remain healthy. The challenge is to maintain soil conditions at reasonably supportive levels of moisture, organic and bacteriological materials, and nutrient availability. Unfortunately, even when NPK, plus other key elements (in some cases up to a total of about 16 minerals altogether) are applied, the challenge is overcoming acidic or alkaline soils, where it affects plant growth and ultimately, yields. OceanSolution™ has the benefit of having the richest bio-diversity of bacteria available. Recent research indicates that over 20,000 different kinds of bacteria are in just one liter of ocean water. And since, OceanGrown's OceanSolution™ is deep, clean, ocean water with the broadest amount of elements - typically up to 90 of the known elements on the earth, in trace and significant amounts - and has key azo and nitro bacteria at levels that overcome ph issues in soils, growers find that OceanSolution™ is a highly effective nutrient input for optimizing both soils and the plant's ability to achieve high efficiency in nutrient uptake. The value of these inputs and the fact that fixing nitrogen at approximately 40 lbs per acre means, that not only can plants respond to the nitrogen rich application, but that the rate of nutrient uptake is such that the plant is not overly stressed from over-application of NPK. The typical NPK application, especially in the Midwest, is genuinely risky in the summer growing month of June. Since rainfall is a key factor in June, the grower typically over-applies the NPK fertilizer at the beginning of the month, only to find that the rainfall intensity washes the overage of NPK into waterways and the residual is then the hoped for amount that actually affects plant growth. Read further to find out that this risky approach will no longer be legally tolerated. The benefit of using OceanSolution™ is that there is no concentrated nitrogen nor phosphorous that can be washed away. It really is important to know that OceanSolution™ is one of the most practical and effective ways to minimize the over-application of typical NPK fertilizers.

Soil scientists believe that the best soils for growing crops are the soils that have the best physical, chemical, and biological properties. The typical physical problems of crusting, compaction, under-consolidation, and setting-up are all issues that must be resolved by the grower. Chemical challenges are soil ph, and cation exchange capacity and organic matter functioning. Biologically, soil has both micro and macro organism that contribute to its overall physical and chemical properties, as soil microbes or animals interact or consume the organic matter, they change the soils biologic functioning. OceanSolution™ has direct impact on the soils chemical and biologic conditions that enable proper and healthy cycles of increasing the soils capacity to grow plants - this outcome is sustainable fertility for your crops. The immediate and long term consequences of using OceanSolution™ is the opportunity to enhance and amend soils that benefit from introducing both elemental nutrients and highly biodiverse bacteria. So, year to year, whether tilled or non-tilled, or whether high erosion conditions exist, the soils are not subjected to only a minimum re-introduction of primarily NPK inputs which overlooks the biologic needs of the soil. Using OceanSolution™ accomplishes more than than just the nutrient bio-availability for the plants - it squarely addresses the needs of the soil.

Non-toxic. Non-toxic. Non-toxic. Okay, this just had to be repeated at least three times. The real point here is that the application is safe. There is the simple fact that the runoff of any over-application does not pose an issue the way typical NPK over-applications do. In fact, the Clean Water Act (CWA) has now been re-authorized by the US Senate to develop rulings that will come into effect within the next two years that would require growers to report how much NPK type fertilizers and other agricultural inputs are applied. Those rulings would also include the monitoring and reporting of any exceedance (run off) of these inputs that enter navigable bodies of water. Florida has already passed such regulations and other states may do so even prior to the federal rulings. Read more. Golf courses in Florida have switched from conventional NPK applications to OceanSolution™ to meet these requirements at the time of writing this information.

With healthier soils and stronger root structures, scientists have noted that more carbon gases (especially nitrous oxide) are retained in the soils longer. This process known as carbon sequestration is a powerful benefit. Several leading groups and universities are convinced that growers can take advantage of this, if they can show that their soils and root structures increase the sequestration process - and, this is really the main point here - the grower can then legitimately calculate how much carbon is captures and then sell the value of this capacity as a "carbon credit". Whether the grower chooses this as a way to increase their profits or not is up to the grower. However, the carbon is captured and the problem of contributing to greenhouse gases is actually reduced. As mentioned earlier, researchers have found that conventional NPK, when over-applied, and then followed by intense rainfall events, contribute significantly to the creation of nitrous oxide, a serious greenhouse gas that has been found to shift climates problematically across the earth. Also, when NPK is over applied and an intense rainfall event occurs, the runoff is significant and impacts water quality in downstream systems. Again, the solution here is to apply an input that does not have these disadvantages. OceanSolution™ is the environmentally pro-active and environmentally sound way to minimize both issues of greenhouse gases and water pollution.

Improving soils for future farming and improving the nutrients found in the food or feed is directly beneficial for the people or animals who consume these foods or feed - this is part of what is called being "Socially Responsible". Most large companies, including food producers, such as Nestle, General Mills, ADM, Bunge, Tyson Foods and others, publish reports know as Corporate Social Responsibility reports. In these reports you will read how they are taking efforts to measurably manage their corporations impacts - financially, socially and environmentally. All these impacts show that they are being responsible to society for their actions. In some cases, especially with food companies, they want to reference that the growers who supply them with the raw ingredients for their products have taken careful efforts to care about the future and still provide people with healthy foods. Why not begin with the healthiest inputs - like OceanSolution™ - to let these food producers know that your choice for being socially responsible (as stated in the benefits mentioned above) is being done. If you consider how responsibility for ensuring the future of our soils, waters, climate, and bring the most nutrient effective foods and feeds into the marketplace, then please consider choosing OceanSolution™.