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Environmentally and Socially Responsible Sustainable Agriculture

1. Cost Savings
2. Non-Toxic
3. Ease of Use
4. Full Spectrum of Elements
5. Re-mineralizes
6. Higher Yields
7. Consistent Input Costs
8. Maximize Shelf Life
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HortiDaily, an online resource for for the international horticultural industry with daily articles and posts, just released an article discussing the exciting possibilities of improving taste in hydroponics using OceanSolution.

OceanGrown develops sustainable, balanced, eco-friendly technologies & agricultural inputs that maximize the taste & the nutritional content in crops, as well as the yields of all plants and grasses, at prices attractive to both growers and consumers. We replace that which has been taken away for generations, by restoring the full-spectrum of natural minerals, properly balanced, to the earth's soil. Go beyond organic, add nutrients too, be OceanGrown.