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Time and again, when people put OceanSolution products on only a certain part of their pastures, the livestock go directly to the areas that have been treated and eat all this grass first. Often, it takes as little as a few hours after applying to see this effect. The reason for this is that the animals can naturally sense what is healthiest and best tasting for them.  

Individuals who have taken the test have claimed such additional benefits as healthier, more docile livestock and  shinier coats. 

Try the OceanSolution pasture and see for yourself!


See what a University of Missouri Researcher has to say about OceanSolution:

"At the 100 lb/acre N rate, adding OceanSolution improved grazing preference nearly 5 fold."







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See our Testimonials to read what people have to say about OceanSolution® and the crops grown with it.

From: A. Newhouse (California)

Dear OceanGrown Team,

We did a 1/2 acre garden for the first time this year and our Sweet Keeper squash averaged 12 to 23 lbs. in size with excellent taste and color. Typically these are 8 to 10 lbs. in size.

We are also trying it in our Hydroponics system and so far it seems the salad greens are greener, tastier and hardier than in commercial hydroponics solution. We did have to add KNO3 it seems as we are using Fl seeds. It was a mix up as the source was thought to be a heritage store.

From: Annette Larkins

OceanSolution wins my vote as the best plant nutrient provider yet! It gets the job done with minimum effort - requiring one part solution to 100 parts water; so a little goes a long way, making it cost effective. It is organic in nature, so there are no harmful chemical effects. It is clear and odorless; there is no fishy smell, which I have experienced with other sea nutrients. It contains nature's 92 elements, allowing plants to choose the ones they need.
I use OceanSolution to grow plants with and without soil. I am secure in the knowledge that my plants grow in a healthy, balanced environment, conductive to minimizing the possibility of bug attacks. Healthy plants stand a better chance of surviving infestation from disease and insect invasion. A good analogy is that of healthy human body cells; cancer and other diseases are not likely to thrive under homeostatic conditions. Well, bugs are not apt to ravage a healthy garden.

My garden includes a beautiful variety of greens, herbs, mints, peppers, tomatoes, and peas. What a wonderful feeling it is to pick and eat food fro my back yard, and how reassuring it is to consume such delicious bounty without fear of ingesting dangerous pesticides.

Although I grow the aforementioned plants with soil, I prefer to grow wheatgrass hydroponically. For years I had a love/hate relationship with wheatgrass juice. I knew it's beneficial value; I even wrote about it in my first booklet "Journey to Health". Nevertheless, when drinking it I abhorred the nauseating, heaving sensation that lingered, especially when burping. As a result, I seldom drank it.

On the other hand, in addition to enhancing the flavor of the juice, OceanSolution also eliminates the repulsive after taste. OceanSolution has shown me that all wheatgrass juice is not equal. I now enjoy at least an ounce a day.

Also, I am confident that the quality of crops from the new fruit trees that I have planted will be just as impressive since they, too, are drinking in nourishment from OceanSolution.

Annette Larkins
Author of the booklets "Journey To Health" and "Journey To Health 2" , and the 12-part television series "Health Alternatives with Living Foods"