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Signature Fertilizer Products with Ocean Minerals
When OceanGrown was founded over 10 years ago, we only manufactured one product: OceanSolution Pure. OS Pure is a liquid organic fertilizer supplement filled with ocean-mined minerals, and listed approved for organic production by OMRI. It is manufactured using a proprietary process from pure, deep ocean water with the goal of bringing Dr. Maynard Murray’s revolutionary research to the public. Recently, we have begun blending this cornerstone product with nitrogen and potassium to produce OceanSolution 2-0-3 to offer broader fertility for plants that require more macronutrients.  

OceanSolution Pure

OceanSolution 2-0-3

Specialty Fertilizer Products with Ocean Minerals & Molasses
The OceanSolution family of specialty, blended fertilizer products are made up of two primary components: OceanSolution Pure (see “Signature Products” above) and OceanSolution C-N Component. This C-N Component is listed approved for organic production by OMRI and provides plants with carbon and nitrogen mainly through a proprietary method of molasses fermentation.

Home & Garden 3-0-3

N-P Free 0-0-2

Commercial Products with Ocean Minerals & Molasses
These Professional Use products have been designed for commercial use. Turf and Ornamental and Agriculture operations appreciate these specially formulated products that help meet the challenges of minimizing input costs while maintaining yields and growth requirements. Please contact us for special commercial pricing that would apply to your sector of industry.

T&O Premium

Ag Broadcast

Ag Foliar